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When you are not around...we will keep them safe & sound

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Professional Pet Sitter do?

Most pet owners know that pets adjust better to their absence and their pets experience less anxiety and stress when they stay in their home environments.  Pets are more comfortable, happier and healthier when they keep to their normal routine.  Pet sitters make this possible by visiting your home daily.  A Pet Sitter will also provide meals, fresh water, exercise or walks, playtime and cleaning litter boxes or cages, administer medications and any other pet-care duties.

Pet sitters may also provide vital home-care services while you are away, including:

Other benefits of having a sitter are:

That’s why in-home pet care is the choice of pet owners and the “pet-preferred” method of vacation and travel care.

More Frequently Asked Questions:


Absolutely.  We provide a wide variety of services.  Please check out our “Services” page.  We have many clients who just want their house checked on while they are out of town.  Giving your home a lived in appearance can be a crime deterrent.

Daily exercise is essential to your dog(s) physical well-being.  A restless dog will become irritable and begin to destroy things out of boredom or just looking for excitement.  This is especially true of dogs that live with us in apartments.

We provide professional pet sitting in your home.  We come to you and customize to the specific needs of you and your pets.

Our initial meeting usually lasts 30 minutes so we can become familiar with your pets and their routines so we can provide excellent care.   At this time, we will sign paperwork and pick up your key.  There is no charge for the initial meeting.

Yes we are insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas and can provide you with the policies upon your request.

Yes, we attended an 8-hour training class instead of the usual 3-hour class.

Yes, we will schedule an initial meeting to meet you and your pets to discuss their needs and routine.  At this time we will sign a service agreement, complete the Veterinary Release form in the event your pet is injured while under our care and secure your key.

If you use our “Ready-Key” Program, we will safely store your key at no additional charge.  Once we receive your key, it is assigned a code and will be stored in our secure LOCKED key cabinet.  Your key code and address are stored separately for security purposes.  This makes it more convenient for you to call and schedule service in the future.  We can also leave your key at the end of the service period.  However, we accept no responsibility or liability for keys left in a hiding place.

Yes, you can hide a key.  Because we are responsible for the safety of your pets, hiding a key or leaving it with the neighbor is not recommended.  If we are scheduled for service and cannot get in, we will hire a locksmith at your expense.  Any damages as a result of our inability to gain access to your home will also be your responsibility.  We are here for you and will abide by your wishes.  Lucky to be at Home Pet Care, LLC accepts no responsibility or liability for your left key.  Otherwise, keys will be returned in person or by priority 2-day mail.  Because it takes time away from caring for animals, there is a nominal fee to return the key to you.  If the key is mailed, we will also charge the postage fee.

Because we are responsible for caring for your family of pets while you are out of town, we would have to hire a locksmith to gain access to your house.  You would be responsible for reimbursing Lucky to be at Home Pet Care, LLC for all costs incurred.

Yes, however we will still need a key. Garage door openers do not work during power outages and there is the possibility of malfunction with the opener or the garage door. We can enter your home from the garage, but would also need to secure a key in the event of a malfunction.

Lucky to be at Home Pet Care, LLC requires that all pets be current on their vaccinations and flea prevention.  If you have vaccine titre performed on your pets, we ask for written confirmation from your veterinarian.

Because we treat your pets as we do our own, we will provide the absolute best care in accordance with your specifications.  In the event your pet(s) become sick or injured, we will notify you and transport them to your designated veterinarian or emergency clinic depending on the situation.

We have a policy in effect providing for an alternate sitter so that the care for your pets will not be interrupted.

This is another benefit of having a sitter.  Not only do we care for your pets, but we also watch over your home.  During our initial meeting, we will obtain your instructions on who you would like us to call.  We will also immediately notify you of any problems that arise while you are gone.

A week notice is preferred, especially with initial clients so you can meet us and we can meet your pet and secure instructions on their care.  For existing pet sitting clients, we also prefer a week notice, but understand that is not always possible.  Please call us once you have your travel firmed up and we will put you on our calendar.  With dog walking/commuter care, if we have an agreement on file, you can simply call us and we will make arrangements to walk or check in on your pet.

Absolutely!  If you already have a signed agreement and we have access to your key, we are only a phone call away.

No.  Our pet sitting visits last 30 minutes.  Our fees are determined by the amount of time it takes to provide the service.  Additional time may be needed if there are more than 3 dogs and 3 cats, for services outside our regular route area, administering medication, caring for temperamental pets, watering a large number of plants or other services requested which would take additional time.

Our pet sitting visits vary according to your needs. Our typical visit is 30 minutes, sometimes longer if our schedule permits.  Please visit our “Services” page for a listing of services we provide.  Each visit is customized to your specific needs.

This is not usual because pets are happy and comfortable in their own home.  However, should this occur, we will do what we can to reassure and comfort them, including sitting with them while they eat, hand feeding or adding in approved food to entice their appetite.  In the event you pet refuses to eat for a 24 hour period, we will contact you for instructions.  If you cannot be reached, we will take them to your designated veterinarian or emergency clinic depending on the day and time.

During our initial consultation, we will secure as much information as possible about your pets, including their flight risk and where they may go if they get out.  This helps us when we come to your home to know your pet may try to escape.  We strongly encourage you to check all fences and gates prior to your departure.  Please let us know if there are any special instructions or areas we need to be aware of.  During our pet sitting visits, we attach our temporary id tag to your pet’s collar.  Therefore, when you pet is located, the finder can contact Lucky to be at Home Pet Care, LLC immediately, which will aid in the quicker recovery of your pet.  We will do everything in our power to locate your pet, including visiting a place they may go, checking with neighbors, searching by foot and by car, notifying local shelters and putting up signs, if necessary.

The day prior to your scheduled service, we will call you to confirm the visit and to verify the scheduled start and ending dates, including times.  We will also advise you of the total cost of the service.

Absolutely.  Phone calls are returned immediately upon receipt.  Emails are checked several times a day and we will respond immediately upon receipt.  If you prefer, we can also call, text or email you after each visit to let you know how your little ones are doing.

Not a problem.  One of our requirements is that you call us when you get home from your trip so we know that your pets are cared for.  However, if your trip lasts longer or you just don’t get home in time, care is only a phone call away.  In most instances, there is not an additional charge.  We would just add on the extra visit.

Because we live in central Texas, it is doubtful the weather would affect service.  However, in the event of bad weather, we will make every effort to drive to your home.  The scheduled visit may be changed or altered due to the weather circumstances.  If service has been delayed due to weather, we will provide service immediately when it is safe to do so.  Those pets with special needs will be visited first.  We will notify you immediately of any weather situation and discuss any alternate care.  If you cannot be reached, we will determine the appropriate care for your pets.

Unfortunately, at this time we do not care for snakes or lizards.  We are hoping to add this service in the future.  Please check back.

Yes, a very nominal surcharge is added to each visit if it falls on one of the following holidays:

New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day (if on a weekend, the entire weekend will apply)
Easter Weekend (4 days)
Memorial Day Weekend (3 days)
4th of July Weekend (3 days if on a weekend; otherwise July, 3, 4 & 5)
Labor Day Weekend (3 days)
Thanksgiving Weekend (4 days)
Christmas (if on a weekend, the entire weekend will apply; otherwise Dec. 24, 25 & 26)

Because we wouldn’t want to pay for a service prior to receiving it, payments for pet sitting visits are due five (5) days after the service period.  However, most clients leave payment for us at their home for us at our first visit.  Dog walk payments are due at the time service is rendered. 

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The best way to reach us is to complete the Quote Request. We will respond to your email within 24 hours.

Yes and they are appreciated, but are NOT required. 

Absolutely.  You can visit our “testimonials” page, which we continue to update or we can provide you with names and numbers of our clients that you can speak with about their experience with Lucky to be at Home Pet Care, LLC.

Lucky to be at Home Pet Care, LLC would love the opportunity to assist you and/or your family of pets and look forward to meeting you.  If you didn’t find your answer above, please do not hesitate to “Contact” us by phone or email.