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When you are not around...we will keep them safe & sound

Services Offered

Getting Setup for Visits

Initial Orientation Visit:  (FREE/NO CHARGE) An initial Meet & Greet visit is REQUIRED prior to making any visits.  This meeting is an opportunity to meet you and your pet(s) in order to ensure safe visits, to get to know you and your pet(s) routines and to obtain all information necessary to care for your pet(s). This is also REQUIRED for any new pets you add to your family in the future. This meeting MUST be held no later than the week prior to service. We will discuss your needs and create a care plan specifically customized to the specific requirements of you and/or your pet(s). At this meeting we will execute all necessary forms and obtain two copies of your house key.  Any subsequent meetings (not pertaining to a new pet or moving to a new location) will be charged a regular visit fee. This would include becoming reacquainted with an existing pet or for special care instructions for an existing pet. However, you can either call or email us with any new information. If a there is a need for a subsequent visit, the fee may be waived depending on the circumstance.

Ready-Key Program:  (FREE/NO CHARGE) Lucky to be at Home Pet Care, LLC can safely store your key indefinitely at no additional charge through our “Ready-Key” program.  Your keys will be stored in our secure LOCKED key cabinet. It is recommended and preferred that your keys remain in the custody of Lucky to be at Home Pet Care, LLC for your convenience, so you can call to schedule service at any time in the future.  We recommend using Ready-Key for safety and convenience, but of course, we can return your key to you at the end of the service, whichever you prefer.  This program is also recommended in the event you forget to hide a key or the hidden key is stolen as we would not be able to gain entrance to your home, which could be detrimental to those furry family members left in our care.  If entrance into homes is “keyless”, we REQUIRE either a backup key or another way to gain entrance should there be a malfunction.

Key Pick Up/Drop Off: We understand that some clients prefer to have their keys returned after each completed service. Because we are responsible for the safety of your pets, hiding a key or leaving it with the neighbor is not recommended. However, we are here for you and will abide by your wishes. Because it takes time away from caring for other animals, keys that are returned in person will be subjected to a nominal charge.  We do not mail house keys back to clients due to safety concerns.

In Home Pet Care Needs

(Monday – Sunday, 7am – 9pm)
When it is not possible for you to take your pet family along when you go on vacation, family visits or business trips, Lucky to be at Home Pet Care, LLC is here for you and your pets. We will put your pets’ needs first and take care of them as if they were our own, providing them with love, affection and attention. This ensures that your pets will remain healthy, keep their regular routine, sleep in their own bed and be in their home surroundings.

Pet Sitting is a wonderful alternative to boarding your family of pets. While kennel boarding is advisable for some animals, others may become stressed, depressed, refuse to eat or sometimes become sick. When you have more than one animal, kennels can also become costly. When you have to be away, your furry, feathered and finned family will be lucky to be at home in the comfortable, familiar surroundings of their own home, where they are safe and secure. This offers a stress-free experience for both you and your pet(s). When you have a variation of pets, you don’t have to worry about dropping the dog(s) and cat(s) off at the kennel, picking them up again when you return, or troubling friends, neighbors or family to care for your other pets. The neighborhood kid is not insured, bonded or trained in the event of an emergency. Whether they need to be walked, played with or cuddled, we will provide love and personal attention and will take care of your family of pets as we care for our own family. Also, since your home will be visited while you are away, the activity will deter potential break-ins. “Contact Us” for a quote today.

Pet Sitting Visits include, but are not limited to:

We do not charge per pet, however some rates may differ depending on type of pets in your family and the care required. Over 3 dogs and 3 cats may constitute a higher rate. We do not typically charge an extra fee for small caged pets such as hamsters, gerbils, bunnies, birds, fish, reptile or fish, unless they require extra food preparation or other special care other than general feeding and changing their water. UNFORTUNATELY, AT THIS TIME, WE DO NOT OFFER SERVICES FOR SNAKES. We hope to add this service in the future, so please check back or give us a call.

It is REQUIRED that dogs be visited more than once a 24 hour period.


We want to customize each visit for the convenience of you and your pets.

Daily Dog Walking

(Monday – Saturday, 7am – 9pm)
Lucky to be at Home Pet Care, LLC wants to maintain your pets’ health and provide them with love, care and affection during the week. We are the perfect solution for your busy schedule and will provide your pooch(es) with individual one-on-one attention. Daily dog walks offer your best friend a chance for daily exercise and an opportunity to get out of the house to walk off pent up energy. Have you ever been stuck at home for a couple of days and just been bored? Our dogs feel the same way. You will come home to a more relaxed and content pup. We understand that sometimes you may have to work long hours, decided to meet friends after work, go to the gym, do some shopping on your way home or go to play 9 holes of golf that turns into 18. With this service, you don’t have to worry about rushing home and your precious pooch(es) won’t have to “hold it” until you get home. While our services are primarily pre-arranged, we also understand that with your busy schedule, you might not have much notice. Therefore, if we have already signed a pet sitting agreement and have access to your key, we are simply a phone call away ANYTIME.
 “Contact Us” for a quote today.

We can mix & match the  visits below to suit you and your pet(s) needs.

However, sometimes our furry pets don’t need a walk; they simply need to go out during the day to relieve themselves. This is especially true of the less active seniors, those with health issues, or those that require medications. NEW PUPPIES, whose bladders are still developing, need to develop good habits and frequently and need breaks every 3-4 hours.

We offer a variety of daily services with various durations that can be customized to suite your needs.

We don’t charge per pet. For dog walks, we can accommodate up to three dogs that are leash trained. For dogs that are not leash trained, we can train them for you. While there is no additional charge for leash training, if you have more than one dog, there may be an additional fee in order to work one-on-one with each dog.

Pet Transportation Services

 (Monday – Saturday, 8am – 6pm)

Pet Chauffeur: If your pet needs transportation to the veterinarian, groomer, boarding, training, spa or a play date, we will pick him or her up and deliver your treasured pet where they need to go. We have a vehicle specially equipped to safely transport your pet family to their destination.

Yard Cleanup Services

Poop Scooping: We will scoop your backyard so you can come home to a clean yard. Prices vary depending on the size of your hard. Contact us for details.

Dog Baths

Dog Baths: With Daily Dog Walking services or Pet Sitting Visits, you can add on a dog bath so you can come home to a clean pooch.

Other Services

Home Safety Checks: (Monday – Sunday, 7am – 6pm)

You don’t have to have pets to use our services. If you are out of town, activity to your home can deter potential break-ins.

While you are gone we can:

Key Lockout (7am – 10pm) If you are part of our Ready-Key Program and find yourself locked out of your house or should someone need to gain access to your house while you are away, we are quicker and less expensive than hiring a locksmith.

We are available any day, every day. Between the hours of 10pm and 7am, there is an additional charge and a nominal additional charge for holidays.


While we pet sit 365 days a year, there is an additional nominal fee for the following holidays: New Year’s Eve New Year’s Day (on a weekend, Fri., Sat. & Sun will apply) Easter Weekend (4 days) Memorial Day Weekend (3 days) 4th of July Weekend (if not on a weekend, July, 3, 4 & 5) Labor Day Weekend (3 days) Thanksgiving Weekend (4 days) Christmas (on a weekend, Fri., Sat. & Sun. will apply; otherwise Dec. 24, 25 & 26)

Service Area

We provide service to the following zip codes/cities/neighborhoods: